Potatoes & Cucumbers
Mom Vidergar's Version of a Slovenian Peasant Dish



  1. Put bacon in the freezer ahead of time to make slicing easy.
  2. Peel and very finely slice cucumbers. Squeeze cucumbers with hands to release juice. Leave cucumbers in a bowl with their own juice.
  3. Finely chop 2 to 2.5 of the onions. Add to cucumbers and mix and squeeze tightly together. You can even use a masher. Leave in bowl, cover with a plate, and set aside ideally for a couple hours.
  4. Prepare potatoes as per directions, not too soupy.
  5. Squeeze cukes and onions again to get rid of the juice, drain in collander.
  6. Cut bacon into ~1/2 inch square pieces. Put into microwaveable dish, cover, and cook until about half-way done. Stop and stir several times along the way.
  7. Coarsely  chop ~1/2 onion. When the bacon has emitted lots of grease, then add coarsely chopped onion and microwave together until bacon turns to "cracklin's." Don't overcook--stop cooking before bacon turns to charcoal.
  8. Combine cukes/onions to potatoes. Add bacon/onion (and a little of the grease) to potatoes/cukes/onions. Mix well.
  9. Add sour cream a little at a time. Keep mixing.
  10. Pour vinegar in gradually and mix in (probably not more than a cup total--don't make it too soupy). 
  11. Add pepper to taste. 
  12. Mix well.
  13. Jete vi!

Last edited on Monday, January 01, 2001